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Newman Catholic College

NewmanCatholic College

A UNICEF Rights Respecting School

Vacancies & Volunteering

Superb staff and pupil relationships across the school ensure that the atmosphere is calm and purposeful. Pupils socialise together across all year groups and are very proud of their school. They are routinely polite and courteous and show respect and understanding towards their differing cultures and faiths. Staff encourage pupils to celebrate their differences while learning how to be model citizens and thrive in modern Britain. Pupils enjoy coming to school and attend regularly. The school actively promotes and encourages healthy eating and lifestyles. Pupils’ spiritual, moral and social development is encouraged through activities such as the ‘sport and thought therapy’ programme and the wide variety of extra-curricular activities on offer. Girls in the sixth form integrate fully into the life of the whole school.

                                                                                                                                                           Ofsted 2016

The Promise  Foundation                                                               Mentor Recruitment

Promise grew up in Brent and was abandoned by her parents at the age of 16. Her potential may never have been realised but for the inspiring relationship that was forged between her and a committed local mentor who she met through her school......

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Teacher of Mathematics                                                  Closing Date: 24th May 2023 

Curriculum Leader - English                                            Closing Date: 26th May 2023 

PE Teacher                                                                         Closing Date: 26th May 2023 

ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER                                                Closing Date: 25th May 2023 

Curriculum Leader - Maths                                              Closing Date: 19th May 2023 

Head of Music                                                                    Closing Date: 19th May 2023

Second In Charge - English                                               Closing Date: 19th May 2023