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Newman Catholic College

NewmanCatholic College

A UNICEF Rights Respecting School

The College Chapel and the Chaplain

The Chapel is situated in the main school building and is central to the geography and life of the school. It is a much loved space and is almost invariably the first port of call for alumni and all who visit the school. Located on the ground floor, across from the library staircase, it is a quiet, reflective place of refuge, available for all staff and pupils for prayer and worship. It holds around 30 people. It has an intimacy and air of calm allowing all to experience the wonder and loving mystery of God.  The Chaplain’s study is through the chapel and the Chaplain is available for all.

The Chaplain has a major role in the pastoral care of all our pupils irrespective of their individual faith. It is the Chaplain’s task to bear witness to the reality of God’s love not only by what is said in and outside of the chapel, but by the way he acts, in showing a profound interest and concern for the young people in our care. 

The Chaplain is a key pastoral figure in the school in promoting Christian values and leading the spiritual development of students and staff in line with Catholic and Newman Values. The Chaplain forms part of the pastoral and safeguarding teams and works alongside it to provide the best care possible for our young people.